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Turning Houses for Living Into Homes for Life

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Turning Houses for Living Into Homes for Life

“As our society ages, people are becoming more concerned about losing their independence due to an illness like diabetes, arthritis, or Alzheimer’s. In the past, most of your options would be either to move in with a loved one or go to a nursing home, which in many ways can break the human spirit. But as the baby boomers are approaching senior living, a new revolution has begun to maintain independence... Aging In Place. The whole concept of Aging in Place is to remodel the home to keep people in their familiar environments safely, regardless of age, income, or ability level.

Dave and Peggy Mackowski of Quality Design and Construction are one of only three certified Aging in Place specialists in the Triangle area who are capable of providing these extensive services to you. While their company also provides the typical “upgrade” renovation services, they are proud to be a part of the Aging in Place revolution and turning ”a house for living into a home for life.” Peggy Mackowski made very clear the importance of planning ahead. She says, “It’s heartbreaking when people realize they’ve waited until it is too late. We want to educate the public and let them know this program is out there.” She also stressed the fact that Quality Design and Construction can do these remodels to ease life without having the home appear “handicapped.” And these changes can help more than just the maturing adult; they can help the mother with small children or the person with chronic back pain. So what exactly are some of the changes that can be made to the kitchen or bathroom to keep you in your home for a long full life?

For the kitchen:
  • upper cabinetry 3 inches lower than the conventional height
  • accented stripes on the edge of countertops to provide visual orientation to the workspace
  • pull down shelving
  • open shelving for easy access to frequently used items
  • base cabinets with roll out trays and lazy susans
  • easy to read controls on appliances
  • microwave oven at counter height or in the wall
  • side swing or wall oven
  • raised dishwasher with push button controls
  • stainless steel appliances for easy maintenance
For the bathroom:
  • lower bathtub for easier access
  • fold down seat in shower
  • design of the toilet paper holder for easy changing
  • slip resistant flooring
  • curbless shower stall and a minimum of 36 inch walls shower stall with built-in antibacterial protection

And these are just some of the changes that can be made to make your home more comfortable for any age group! Visit for more information on the ways Quality Design and Construction and Aging in Place can keep you safely and independently in your home.