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The capital city

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The capital city

Given its location in the center of the state,Raleigh can simply be called the heart of NorthCarolina. This city’s echoing beat originates in itspedestrian Capitol Square. Not only is this clusterof blocks the seat of the state’s governmentaloffices, it is the busy home of the North CarolinaMuseum of History, North Carolina Museum ofNatural Sciences, and the City Market boastingfabulous restaurants, superb shopping and the thought-provoking art of local artisans.

No matter how different each newcomer’spalette, Raleigh offers morethan enough colorful options ofexcitement. Hosting hundreds ofevents a year, the local colleges aloneprove this. Meredith College, NorthCarolina State University, PeaceCollege, Shaw University, St.Augustine’s College, and WakeTechnical Community College enticeus with attractions ranging fromsporting events to performing artsand music concerts.

Sociable newcomers can enjoy thebuzzing scene of Hillsborough Street,located directly across from the campusof N.C. State University. Andwhen out-and-about, all ages can paya visit to the hometown hockey team,the Carolina Hurricanes, at the RBCCenter just down the street.

Those who prefer a quieter, less progressive side of the city can journeyjust blocks away from CapitolSquare into the surrounding historicneighborhoods. The ambiance ofthese oak-lined streets reminds visitorsof Raleigh’s age, 214 years, andauthenticates its title as the “City ofOaks”. The town’s unique style andcolonial face seem unharmed, makingthe transition from old world tonew almost unperceivable. Withthis seamless atmosphere, moversfrom either large or small communitiessettle easy. And what better aplace to settle one’s home thanwhere the heart is, the heart ofNorth Carolina, Raleigh.

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