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Active Adult Communities

The term “active adult community” technically refers to a community where you must be 55 years or older, sometimes 62 years and up, for those who desire a maintenance free lifestyle. But in this ever expanding business this term is swelling and expanding to evoke feelings of luxury, boundless opportunities, and world-class living.

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The term “active adult community”technically refers to a communitywhere you must be 55 years or older,sometimes 62 years and up, forthose who desire a maintenance freelifestyle. But in this ever expandingbusiness this term is swelling andexpanding to evoke feelings of luxury,boundless opportunities, andworld-class living.

Imagine sipping on a steamingcup of morning coffee in your colorful,vibrant garden, which you don’thave to tend. Hold hands with yourloved ones as you appreciate aleisurely walk to a meal designedaround your health needs and reminisceover times past with communityfriends from all walks of life.

Shape up with your personal traineras your honey enjoys a game of tennis,and share in a couple’s massageafterwards. And to top it all off mixit up in a fantastic social hour beforecoming home to your newly cleanedcottage. All of this is possible withoutany travel involved or having todeal with any resources outside ofthe community in which you live.The triangle area offers a multitudeof active adult communities to fityour needs such as The Cypress ofRaleigh or The Forest at Duke. Thetime has come to put your life anddesires in the forefront, and whatbetter a place than an exciting activeadult community.

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