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North Carolina is a state whose beauty springs to life from every inch of earth. The diversity and depth of Mother Nature displays itself magnificently from the coast, to the mountains, to the rivers and to the lakes. Chances abound to feel the rhythm of nature’s pulse and to lose yourself in the wild landscape of this state. Relaxation and memories are literally at the tip of your fingers. What suits your fancy? Hop in your car and drive a few hours to feel the swell of the ocean’s waves or take a short road trip to absorb the dazzling mountain views.

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North Carolina is a state whose beauty springs tolife from every inch of earth. The diversity anddepth of Mother Nature displays itself magnificentlyfrom the coast, to the mountains, to the rivers andto the lakes. Chances abound to feel the rhythm ofnature’s pulse and to lose yourself in the wild landscapeof this state. Relaxation and memories areliterally at the tip of your fingers. What suits yourfancy? Hop in your car and drive a few hours tofeel the swell of the ocean’s waves or take a shortroad trip to absorb the dazzling mountain views.

In a state that offers extraordinary vacationswithout the stress of an airport, resort propertiesare part of every family’s ultimate dream. Vacationno longer has to be something that comes onlyonce a year. A resort property grants you the freedomto take a short weekend trip to revitalize thespirit, a long weekend to relax your body, and anassured place to share laughter and fun with familiesand friends.

But there are so many choices when looking forthat ultimate second home or retirement abode;what questions should you ask when looking toexpand your real estate? Well, the first thing youmust determine is in what region you want a home.Does the quiet song of the ocean’s deep waters anddigging your toes in the sand sound appealing? Ordo you want to gaze over mountain crests and feeltemperatures cool you down?

John Haynes is the owner of the extraordinarycommunity, The Headwaters at Banner Elk. Livingand working in this environment has given him aspecial perspective. “There’s something reassuringabout being in the mountains. One feels embracedby them,” he says. “Mountain property has a certainappeal unlike most others. At many beach destinations,the lifestyle tends to be fast paced and crowded. Here we have lots of room tostretch and breathe. We all live in anuncertain and unstable world, and peopleare seeking a safe haven. The image thatoften comes to mind is that of a cabin nestledin the woods. What’s more safe andsecure or more American than that?”

The Headwaters boasts prime views atevery home site, waterfalls that will easeyour stress, and close proximity to a fullday of shopping and dining. John asks andanswers, “What is it that makes TheHeadwaters special? We have four mountainridges with exceptional views of thePisgah and Cherokee National Forests alongwith large streams, waterfalls, and twolakes. There are five park areas alreadydeveloped that dot the site plan with pointsof interest. Our upcoming clubhouse,indoor pool, tennis courts and amphitheaterwill provide a central gathering spotfor our property owners. A farmstead willoffer the opportunity to tend a small gardenplot for flowers, vegetables or herbs inthe summer. All of this while being onlyten minutes from the quaint town ofBanner Elk, with its myriad of upscale dining,shopping, and the arts scene of Lees-McRae College. All of this is available at aprice point half that of comparable developments.”

But some are partial to the calmingocean views with an element of the mysteriousunknown... a whole different worldexpanding with every further step into thecooling waters. Do you desire the laid backbeach atmosphere of flip-flops, floppy hats,and surfing? For me, the beach representsa place to reconnect with myself. I am ableto renew my spirit and feel connected tothe energy of something greater thanmyself. The salt air and explosive sunsetsproduce tranquil thoughts and unbelievablestress relief. Susan Lawing representsCoastal Communities, which has establishedmany wonderful, exclusive beachcommunities along the North Carolinacoast. She states that “Most of our clientsthat come to our area are looking for eithersecond homes or retirement. They arelooking for a lifestyle. For some it may begolfing, boating or simply being close to theshore.” Both the beach and the mountainsprovide wonderful sites for a new home; you just have to decide which better suitsyour family’s needs. Do you want the hottertemperatures of the calming ocean, or thecooler temperatures of the rugged mountains?Keep in mind that in order for you toget the cool temperatures of the mountainlifestyle, you need to be above 3,000 feet elevation.

When decided on a general area, the nextquestion to ask is do you want a more metroarea or the feel of a smaller community?John Haynes of Headwaters states that,“There are trade offs to each. With a largertown comes more conveniences, butincreased traffic, visual pollution and noise.Most people want a happy medium. That is,close enough to major services but farenough out to have pristine views.”

Now comes time to choose your actualhome site, home, or condominium. Do youwant an active community where there areplanned events every week or somethinglaid back?

A community with planned events can bea great opportunity to send the kids off for afun filled hour or two and get some one-ononetime with your spouse. Or a communitythat doesn’t offer events can be a greatchance to get creative with your family time.Do you want a more sophisticated clubatmosphere with golf and dining, or onewhere blue jeans are the normal dress code?Maybe all you do is dream of wearing thatcute new dress you’ve been eyeing, but forsome, vacation equals sweats, t-shirts, and abaseball cap. Picking a property that is rightfor you is all about preference.

Are you interested in covering some ofyour cost by renting out your home, or doyou desire the home to be yours and onlyyours? This is important to consider and askabout, because many communities today donot allow rentals, because it brings a steadyflow of random people in who may not havethe respect for rules and the value of theproperty. But some communities fully supportrentals, even offering rental propertymanagement functions in their office.

Also, when the time arrives to move onand sell your home, how and who will marketthe property? Does your communityoffer assistance with this, or is the burdenyours alone? Is the developer financiallysound? In what stage of the development isthe community? It is absolutely crucial toensure that you are investing wisely in whatwill hopefully produce much joy in yourfamily’s life.

When selecting the right home for yourneeds, be sure to search for an amenitypackage that fulfills all your desires. Andlast but not least, you have to find somethingthat brings you joy and fits into thebudget. Susan Lawing says that, “Home sitesrange from $200,000 to $300,000, and custombuilt homes can be anywhere from $400,000and up.”

At The Headwaters of Banner Elk a lot willcost around $200,000. All in all you typicallyend up spending around $600,000 for thewhole package-an incredible mountainhome, long range mountain views, and greatamenities.

There are so many incredible places topick and choose from when searching for aresort property in North Carolina. Justremember the importance of asking questions,following your gut, and finding somethingthat fits every one of your family’sdesires!

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