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A tight knit community

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A tight knit community

Knightdale used to be a crossroads, an area with only a post office used for passing through to a greater destination. Now, this formerly rural farm area has become a destination within itself. Founded in 1927, this town is “Living at its Best” and a central location for peaceful living. Knightdale in many ways is now considered a suburb of Raleigh, North Carolina’s booming metropolis and capitol city.

This community has grown from wilderness to a flourishing residential and commercial area. Several new shopping centers and subdivisions continue to be built. With an ideal price range, the idea of buying a brand new house in a caring community sounds like just the plan.

For budding families, this area offers a choice of six different public schools, one private school, and eight churches of various denominations. And adults can join in the fun with clubs such as Two Green Thumbs Garden Club, Kiwanis Club (dedicated to changing children’s lives), and the Lion’s Club (dedicated to improving the local quality of life). This community is truly a caring place where you could raise your children with comfort and enjoy bonding with great human beings.

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