Health Team

When winter weather hits, some pharmacies deliver

Posted December 27, 2010 4:59 p.m. EST
Updated December 27, 2010 6:22 p.m. EST

Rain or sunshine, sleet or snow, Theron Welty of Person Street Pharmacy makes regular deliveries for certain customers.

When winter weather hits, Welty makes more deliveries than usual.

"There's people who just on a normal day they can get out, but days like this, there's just no way," he said.

He delivers because empty prescriptions can often be life-threatening.

"Particularly if you're talking about types of medication like coumadin, seizure medication, blood pressure medication, that they stay on dosage with that," said pharmacist Mike James.

James said special pill dispensers help customers realize when they're about to run out, so they can plan to visit the pharmacy -- or call for a free special delivery.

"They can't come to us, so we go to them," Welty said.

Patricia Vines, 77, used to come to the pharmacy for her prescription blood pressure medication.

"And on days like this, I'd be a little nervous about getting out in the weather," Vines said.

Today, despite the weather, she won't be skipping doses.

For seniors who have a hard time visiting the pharmacy when there's snow and ice on the ground, it's important to refill prescriptions before they run out. State law gives pharmacists the right to advance a customer an extra two to four days of medication without a prescription if necessary.  

Many pharmacies also offer a free home delivery service.