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Song by Eleanor Bothwell, 9, a cancer patient at UNC Children's Hospital.

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You Are Yourself
By Eleanor Bothwell
(Age 9, cancer patient at UNC Children's Hospital)

You were just sittin’ feeling so small
Everyone else is seemin’ so tall
You feel the hurt inside you
It’s wantin’ to come out
But when you do say it
Don’t say it with doubt
No! Don’t say it with doubt

You’ve got to say what you mean
and meant what you say
Stand tall and yell over that noise
They’re gonna listen
Cause you are yourself
And you gonna be all of your life.

You wanna protest, step up with nerve
But you do not have, the courage to
Its on the tip of your tounge
You don’t feel like sayin’ it
You know you can’t just sit down
Because the world’s turnin’ round
Ooo, the world’s turnin’ round


(humming verse)

Stand up and stand tall
No matter what
And don’t be afraid to show fear
Take the path that is less traveled by

Don’t ask why

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