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High-Definition Vision Clearly a Boon for the Eyes

Posted April 11, 2007 2:35 p.m. EDT
Updated April 12, 2007 12:33 a.m. EDT

WRAL Health Team

— High-definition television offers a crystal-clear image compared with older, standard TV sets. What if people with poor eyesight could see with new, crystal-clear vision?

Doctors are doing just that with a new laser-and-lens procedure.

Margaret Nehrke's eyesight was never great, but it got worse as she aged.

"I couldn't read. I couldn't see anything without my glasses," said Nehrke. Now she sees better than ever thanks to a laser-and-lens procedure called "high-definition vision."

"High-definition will give better color, better clarity, better contrast," said Dr. William Rand with the Rand Eye Institute in Miami. High-definition vision combines "Custom-Vue" LASIK surgery' with the latest lens-exchange techniques, and it can give almost anyone better than perfect vision.

In TV terms, the new vision is like adding more pixels, more picture detail with more visual definition. One lens commonly used in the so-called "hi-def" vision is the Rezoom lens. It allows people to see in HD, up close, from afar or even while driving at night because it has multiple focus points.

"We have a point for distance. We have a point for the middle and a point for the near so that all distances are covered and the person can see near, far and in-between," Rand said.

Nehrke no longer needs her glasses for anything.

"It's fabulous. I can't imagine anybody would settle for anything less. It's the most wonderful gift you could give yourself," said Nehrke. She says the benefit of high-definition vision is crystal clear.

You can get more information about the high definition vision procedure.