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Specialty Physicals Ratchet Up Data Doctors Can Gather

Using a battery of tests and high-tech gear, doctors at specialty centers can go far beyond an annual physical to do a super-checkup.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — An annual physical is considered a good way to ensure your health. Some people are not satisfied with the typical exam, however, and they turn to specialty centers for a long list of tests.

One of those people is Bill Hyatt, 67, who went to the Princeton Longevity Center at Princeton University for a battery of tests. Those tests run about $3,000, and insurance may not cover several of them, but Hyatt deemed it worthwhile anyway.

“I wanted something that was very thorough,” Hyatt said.

The rundown for his exam included a stress test for his heart, a check of his lungs, eyes and ears, a measurement of bone density and an examination of his muscles and joints.

Then there is a breakdown of his diet, and a full-body CT scan that gives doctors a picture of Bill from the inside out.

The Longevity Center’s Dr. David Fein said the program gives patients a look into the future of medicine.

“We can tell if you're at risk for diabetes. We can tell if you're at risk for osteoporosis in the years to come,” Fein said.

In Hyatt’s case, Fein said the results revealed that his blood pressure and blood sugar level were a little high, but there were no major surprises. Fein prescription was a nutrition and exercise plan.

Hyatt said he expects to go through the test regimen every two or three years so he can stay on top of his health and at his peak health.


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