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Rex Cancer Center introduces multidiscipline approach to treatment

The new multidiscipline approach at Rex aims to streamline patient care and guide patients through their system.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Rex Cancer Center is implementing a new multidiscipline approach to streamline the complex patient schedule that often follows a cancer diagnosis.

This method will improve care and treatment by using patient navigators to schedule and guide patients through the Rex system.

Dr. Alden Parsons, a thoracic surgeon at Rex, has experience with the multidisciplinary approach, which is used at many academic medical centers. The approach brings specialists and patients together to discuss the best method of treatment.

"It's asking the person sitting in a chair next to me as opposed to having to dictate out a or letter or make a phone call or leave a message," Parsons said.

Rex's patient-focused system will save time for both doctors and patients.

The approach also encourages different doctors and specialists to team up to determine the best method of treatment for patients.

Chuck Holly, 66, learned five months ago that he had an inoperable tumor in his chest. He came to Rex and is now on his last three days of treatment. He expects his results to be cancer-free, and gives the credit for his recovery to his doctors and nurses.

"I look at them at not treating cancer--but treating the patients," Holly said.