Inspections will spotlight health risks at restaurants

Posted June 25, 2008 11:24 a.m. EDT
Updated June 25, 2008 5:40 p.m. EDT

Restaurant Ratings

— Restaurant inspectors will look closer at the causes of food-borne illnesses starting July 1. After that date, the form used to inspect food service establishments will separate violations that are health and safety related from those that are simply good practice.

The form lists 18 critical violations, among them improper food cooking and holding temperatures, and the cleanliness and general health of employees who handle food.

The less-serious violations are listed on a separate page. Pest deductions, like the presence of rodents or insects, are among the less-serious, since they are less likely to make diners sick.

“While it is important to address all violations, items that fall under the ‘good retail practices’ category do not have the same level of concern related to controlling food-borne illness as compared to the critical violation factors,” said Bart Campbell, chief of the state Department of Environment and Natualry Resources Environmental Health Services section.