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Advanced Education

Posted June 6, 2007 2:00 p.m. EDT

Mention the Triangle and one of the first things to come to mind is one of three major universities... UNC, Duke, or NC State. This is a place where historical dominance on the hard court has long earned the area national attention.

But, each one also has a stellar reputation in academic circles—earning top rankings in higher education surveys year after year for the quality of both their undergraduate and graduate programs.  

However, the opportunity for earning a degree or engaging in continuing education programs doesn’t end with the area’s “Big 3.” We’re also fortunate enough to have a variety of other public and private post-secondary schools that excel in providing instruction in a host of fields, including biotechnology, law, public safety, nursing and business.  

A great source of pride in the Triangle is that we’re the home of three historically African-American educational institutions—St. Augustine’s College and Shaw University in Raleigh and N.C. Central University in Durham. They provide this area with a host of extremely qualified graduates in a variety of disciplines and stay on the cutting edge of education by implementing unique and innovative programs—one of which is N.C. Central’s Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise (BRITE). This life science venture is scheduled to open in a new 52,000-sq. ft. building in 2007 and will eventually offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in the field.  

The Triangle is also home to two institutions committed to the educational advancement of women. Peace College and Meredith College, both located in Raleigh, have long histories of successful graduates who have made significant contributions to our local and national communities. Both offer comprehensive undergraduate curricula, with Meredith also providing post-graduate degree programs in areas such as education, business administration, music and nutrition.  

For those who want to work toward an associate degree, gain certification in a specific field or sharpen certain skills for improved job performance, Wake Technical Community College and Durham Technical Community College are the places to do it. These institutions serve a vital role in the Triangle by providing a resource from which employers can draw a highly-qualified workforce in a variety of fields—including law enforcement, landscape architecture, machining technology, medical laboratory technology, human services, computer programming, accounting and an array of others.  

In addition to the busy streets, busy shops and busy offices of the Triangle, you’ll find a lot of busy minds. Basketball might be king here…but it’s education that rules!