School Guide Magazine

Magnet School: Attraction at the Core

Posted June 6, 2007 2:00 p.m. EDT

Magnet schools offer areas of special focus in the arts and sciences, gifted and talented, international studies, technology, international studies, language studies, Montessori, museums and university connections. School boards, teachers and administrators in each of the Triangle counties are working to greet the wave of young minds and bodies with the best that can be provided.

For many of the new generation of students and their parents, something more than traditional schools is needed to challenge and accelerate their process of learning in a growing community.

Inquiries into the various schools will provide parents and students with introductions to teachers and staff who provide excellent core studies enhanced with experiences that put the learner into labs, studios, museums, clinics and other community learning situations.

With magnet programs, learning comes to the classroom or the student visits the learning action. Math, science and technology are taught with networked computers, some even wireless. One magnet school has an Ecosystem Learning Center featuring a functioning greenhouse. Other schools welcome Artists In Residence. Some schools partner with local colleges and universities to broaden student’s exposure to other, more mature learners.

Centennial Campus Middle School is a unique program allowing a middle school to meet on the campus of North Carolina State University. With age-appropriate classes and unique social opportunities, the students see an emerging part of a research university campus.

One nationally recognized school is The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Opened in 1980 as the first school of its kind in the nation — a public, residential high school where students study a specialized curriculum built around science and mathematics. Research and learn just how the magnet, traditional, year-round or combination of the types of schools will best benefit the learning your child needs. Our global culture demands the very best. School boards, teachers and administrators and parents are working very hard to provide the best education for every child.