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Healthcare in the Triangle

North Carolina’s Triangle houses some of the most extraordinary healthcare options in the nation, packed into one amazing area. Leading RTP’s public healthcare providers is the University of North Carolina Health Care and Duke University Medical Center, as well as the facilities of Rex Healthcare and WakeMed.

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North Carolina’s Triangle housessome of the most extraordinaryhealthcare options in the nation,packed into one amazing area.Leading RTP’s public healthcareproviders is the University of NorthCarolina Health Care and DukeUniversity Medical Center, as well asthe facilities of Rex Healthcare andWakeMed.

UNC Health Care, the renowned not-for profit integratedhealth care system, is known for its “state-of-the-artpatient care”. It is home to an impressive number of clinicsincluding the Breast Center, Cardiovascular Program,Diabetes Care Center, Lung Center, Rehabilitation Center,Spine Center, Wound Management Program andComprehensive Transplant Center. In addition to these,UNC Health Care is also home to the LinebergerComprehensive Cancer Center, one of an elite number ofNational Cancer Institute-designated centers. A leader inhealth promotion and disease prevention, Wake Med isranked among “the Nation’s Best” by U.S. News.

Also ranked among the nation’s top tenhealthcare organizations by U.S. News &World Report, Duke Health Services hasearned an international reputation forinnovation and excellence. Duke not onlyprovides expertise in every health care discipline,but simultaneously hosts a substantialclinical research program, a combinationwhich quickly translates medicaladvances into improved patient care.Always moving toward the future, the DukeCenter for Integrative Medicine blendsmodern science with ancient healing traditions.This branch is dedicated to morethan just the physical…it addresses theneeds of the mind, body, and soul.

Duke has two respected communitybranch hospitals, Durham RegionalHospital and Duke Health Raleigh Hospital.

As ranked by AARP, WakeMed is one ofthe top ten cardiovascular surgery centersin the nation. Treating 163,000 patientsannually, WakeMed’s Emergency andTrauma Center ranks regionally as one ofthe largest in North Carolina. In addition toits adult services, WakeMed also has aChildren’s Center, providing a range of caretailored to children and their families.

Since 1894, Rex Healthcare has servedWake County. Rex specializes in acute care,family birth, cancer, convalescent care,same-day surgery, heart and vascular, painmanagement, sleep disorders, sports medicine,and general wellness. This wonderfulhospital also houses the first and onlynationally accredited chest pain center.In addition to these, the Triangle has anabundance of specialty clinics to suit yourneeds. For those interested in alternativemedicine, there are several clinics specializingin chiropractic, acupuncture, healingmassage, and biofeedback.

Whatever your healthcare needs, rememberthat as of now, you are living in one ofthe nation’s most revered medical andhealth services areas! Here’s to a long andproductive life, in the Triangle.

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