Lidl weekend deals: Chicken drumsticks, lemons, whiting fillets, maple syrup

Lidl has a new set of weekend deals valid on Saturday and Sunday including chicken drumsticks, lemons, whiting fillets, maple syrup, coppa and more! They also have super deals on avocados, chicken breast and ground turkey through October 20!

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Lidl Weekend Deals

Lidl has a new set of weekend deals valid on Saturday and Sunday including chicken drumsticks, lemons, whiting fillets, maple syrup, coppa and more! They also have super deals on avocados, chicken breast and ground turkey through October 20!

Weekend Deals

These sales are valid Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18, 2020.

Chicken drumsticks, .79/lb

Lemons, 2 lb, $1.65, limit 5

Lidl Preferred Selection Coppa, 4 oz, $2.99

Frozen wild caught Pacific whiting fillets, boneless, 24 oz, $3.59

Lidl Preferred Selection Grade A maple syrup, 32 oz, $9.39

Adult and children's Halloween socks, $1.99/pair

Folding saw, $4.99

Orchids, 5" pot, $9.99

Anvil lopper, $12.99

Deals Valid Oct. 14-20

These deals are valid October 14-20, 2020.


Avocado, 1 count, .49

Spring mix, 5 oz, $1.39

Asparagus, 1 lb, $1.99, limit 5

Gold kiwis, 1 lb, $1.99, limit 5

Mixed baby potatoes, 1.5 lb, $1.99, limit 5

Sweet yellow onion, 3 lb, $1.99, limit 5

Blueberries, family pack, 18 oz, $2.69, limit 5


Boneless skinless chicken breast fillets, 10 lbs, $1.49/lb

Ground turkey 93% lean, 16 oz, $1.89

Skinless tilapia fillet, $4.79, limit 10

Grass fed New York strip loin steak, 10 oz, $5.49

Perdue Harvestland organic boneless skinless chicken breasts, $5.95/lb

Grass fed sirloin steak, 3 pack, 24 oz, $12.99

Premio cheese & garlic sausage, 16 oz, $3.49

Lidl Preferred Selection uncured bratwurst, 12 oz, $3.99


Tampico citrus punch, 1 gallon, $1.58

Mustard potato salad, 16 oz, $1.79

Fresh mozzarella cheese, 8 oz, $1.89

Eggland's Best large eggs, 24 oz, 2 for $4

Fancy shredded sharp cheddar cheese, 12 oz, $2.09

Dessert hummus, select pumpkin pie, snickerdoodle, apple pie or sweet potato pie, 8 oz, $2.49

LaClare Family Creamery goat cheese, select maple bourbon or apple cinnamon, 4 oz, $2.49

SavvyFare soup, select broccoli cheddar or tomato & sweet basil, 15.5 oz, $2.49

Mrs. T's Pierogies, 16 oz, $2.69


Stouffer's frozen mac & cheese, 12 oz, 2 for $3, limit 4

Boston Market frozen meal, select, 2 for $4

Lidl Preferred Selection frozen apple strudel pastry with raisins, 21.1 oz, $2.29

Frozen fish sticks, 15.8 oz, $2.49

Frozen Viennese style apple strudel pastries, 13.2 oz, $2.49

Turkey Hill ice cream, 48 oz, $2.98

Frozen breaded cheese bites, 8.8 oz, $2.99

Frozen organic pizza, four cheese or roasted vegetable, $3.24

Frozen breaded Gouda cheese rings, 17.6 oz, $3.99

Frozen sausage and squash thin crust pizza, 15.75 oz, $3.99

Frozen Austrian style sachertorte, 17.6 oz, $4.99

Frozen German cheesecake, 44 oz, $6.99

Shelf Stable

Heart shaped pretzels, 7 oz, .99

Swiss chocolate bar, 3.5 oz, $1.29

Spicy brown mustard, 12 oz, 2 for $1.50

Kettle cooked potato chips, 8.5 oz, $1.19

Pretzel rods, 12 oz, $1.39

Chocolate rings with sprinkles, 7 oz, $1.49

Sweetened dried cranberries, 6 oz, $1.59

Alpine gravies and sauces, 12.6 - 12.8 oz, $1.79

Old fashioned oats, 42 oz, $1.79

Drizzled mini rice crisps, 4 oz, $1.99

Drizzled popcorn, select pumpkin spice or maple kettle corn, 5 oz, $1.99

Lebkuchen, 7 oz, $1.99

Mini stollen select, 7 oz, $1.99

Speculoos cookies, 21.1 oz, $1.99

Spekulatius, 7 oz, $1.99

Granola cereal, 12 oz, $2.29

Spring water, 24 count bottles, $2.29

Caramel popcorn, 9 oz, $2.49

Cinnamon & brown sugar sweet potato chips, 7 oz, $2.49

Dark chocolate dominos, 8.8 oz, $2.49

Caramel candies, 14.1 oz, $2.99

Chocolate covered shaped lebkuchen, 17.6 oz, $2.99

German cookies, 21.1 oz, $3.49

Lidl Preferred Selection gold coffee, 17.6 oz, $3.49

Cookie assortment, 17.6 oz, $3.99

Pride Gourmet Bakers pumpkin creme cake, 26 oz, $4.99

Trail mix, select apple cinnamon or pumpkin spice, 12 oz, $4.99

Fall flavored almonds, select, 14 oz, $5.29

Marzipan stollen, 35.2 oz, $5.99


Aloe vera plant, 4" pot, $2.99

Ivy, 4" pot, $2.99

Pixie lilies, 7" pot, $4.99

Point Pelee mum, 6" pot, $5.99


Facial wipes, 25 wipes, 2 for $2

Scrub sponges, 3 count, 2 for $2

Soft & strong bath tissue, 30 count, $13.99

Non-stick roaster with rack, dish drying mat, kitchen utensils, fruit basket, grater set, casserole dish, bowls, frying pans,

Ladies quilted coat, tank tops, bras, panties, leggings, socks, turtleneck shirts, cardigans, sweater dress

Men's t-shirts, men's sweater, polo shirts, men's socks, sweatshirts, flannel shirts

Binoculars, trail camera, ceramic heater, fan heater, LED lanterns, space heater, electric fireplace, LED bulbs, folding mattress, various rugs

* There are limits on the number of sale items you can buy for many items listed in the ad. Be sure to check out the ad so you know all the limits.

* With Lidl Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) deals, one product will ring at full price and then one will be free. You have to buy both to get the sale price.

* The deals posted above are for the Raleigh, NC area. Check your local ad to verify prices.


Store Details

Store hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Sunday.
Coupon Policy: Lidl stores do not accept Manufacturer's Coupons. They do offer store coupons on the Lidl app.
BOGO Deals: With Lidl Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) deals, one product will ring at full price and then one will be free. You have to buy both to get the sale price.
myLidl rewards: Be sure to join the Lidl rewards program to get coupons and special discounts. You can join on their app or sign up for a myLidl account online and enter your phone number at checkout.
Forms of Payment: Lidl will accept cash, credit cards, debit cards. They do not accept checks.
Bags: Bring your own bags. They do not offer free bags.
Carts: You do not have to bring a quarter to rent a cart.

North Carolina Store Locations

Raleigh, NC at 4308 Wake Forest Road

Wake Forest, NC at 1120 South Main St

Greenville, NC, 1800 East Fire Tower Rd

Havelock, NC at 547 US Hwy 70 West

Kinston, NC, 4050 W Vernon Ave

Rocky Mount, NC, 940 N Wesleyan Blvd

Sanford, NC, 3209 NC 87 South

Thomasville, NC, 1147 Randolph St (Opens August 24, 2017)

Wilson, NC , 3520 Raleigh Rd Parkway West

Winston-Salem, NC, 3315 Sides Branch Rd

See all the details at

Lidl Store Details from their press release:

Newly-Built, Beautiful Stores and Easy-to-Shop Layouts: All Lidl stores opening this summer will be newly constructed facilities, featuring a manageable, easy-to-shop layout of 20,000 square feet with only six aisles.
Fresh Baked Goods: Customers will be greeted each day with the smell of Lidl’s top-quality breads and pastries, which are baked fresh throughout the day. A bakery will be located at the entrance of each store.
Healthy, Sustainable Choices: Lidl is committed to offering a wide range of healthy and sustainable options. All fresh and frozen seafood in Lidl’s everyday assortment will be certified sustainable by either the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), or the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). Lidl’s high quality private label products will not have certified synthetic colors, added MSG or partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) containing trans fats.
Organic and Gluten-Free Options: Lidl will carry a variety of organic and gluten-free items including organic fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, and packaged food items, which will all be available at the lowest possible prices.
Lidl’s Top Quality Products: About 90 percent of the high quality groceries available at Lidl will be exclusive brand products. Each product on Lidl shelves will be rigorously tested to ensure that it meets our high quality standards. Several items have already won acclaim in the United States, including award-winning cheeses recognized in the 2017 Los Angeles International Dairy Competition, and a range of baby products that have earned the Parent-Tested, Parent-Approved seal of approval.
Lidl Surprises: Lidl offers an ever-changing selection of non-food products each week that will be in stores for a limited time. The selection will include fitness gear, small kitchen appliances, toys, and outdoor furniture, among other non-food items.
Lidl operates more than 10,000 stores in 27 countries throughout Europe, offering customers the highest quality fresh produce, meat, bakery items and a wide array of household products at the lowest possible prices. Lidl first established its U.S. headquarters in Arlington County, Virginia in June 2015. Since then, it has announced regional headquarters and distribution centers in Spotsylvania County, Virginia; Alamance County, North Carolina and Cecil County, Maryland.


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