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Lesson on firearms safety takes wrong turn when police spokesman discharges weapon

Posted June 22, 2018 12:07 p.m. EDT

— A Shreveport police officer who is one of two spokesman for the department is under administrative investigation after accidently discharging his department-issued gun while demonstrating gun safety to two summer interns.

Cpl. Marcus Hines remains on duty while the investigation is underway, authorities said. An SPD crime scene officer took photos and collected bullet fragments from Hines' office at the Shreveport Police Department Wednesday afternoon.

The incident happened before noon Wednesday. Hines said in his statement a round discharged from his duty weapon, a Glock 22, while he was trying to "make the weapon safe."

The two interns – ages 21 and 22 -- were not hurt. The bullet hit the floor behind Hines' desk and did minor damage to the carpet.

Hines immediately contacted a supervisor. He was taken to Willis-Knighton Work Care for routine drug and alcohol screening.

Meanwhile, the interns, who had completed observation of Special Response Team training prior to going to Hines' office, left the Police Station to go to lunch. They were called back and interviewed.

One of the interns said her ear felt "weird" but could not describe the feeling so she agreed to be taken to Willis-Knighton Work Care North for evaluation. The doctor said she didn't have permanent hearing damage but told her to return if she continues to have problems.

She and the male intern backed up Hines' statement about what happened. One told Chief Administrative Assistant Ben Raymond that Hines had removed his gun from his holster while he was talking to them. He took a round from the chamber and the magazine from the weapon and had the gun pointed in a safe direction when it fired.