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Lemur celebrations and virtual tours: Duke Lemur Center lines up online programs

Posted February 4, 2021 8:48 p.m. EST

Blue-eyed black lemur 'Brady' with his mother. Photo from the Duke Lemur Center's Facebook.

— Duke Lemur Center remains closed to the public, but it's launched some virtual programs that sound like a lot of fun for lemur lovers out there.

Here's what's offered, according to the center's website:

Lemur Celebration Packages

Mark your birthday - or any day - with this package, which comes with a "fully edited, adorable, and informative video of lemurs enjoying fun enrichment for the recipient to enjoy," according to the center's website.

These include an "everyday celebration" for just $15 where you get access to a nine-minute video as soon as you purchase it and which never expires.

Custom and deluxe packages are more expensive at $150 and $250 each and include 75-minute virtual tours and a more personalized virtual experience.

Duke Lemur Center Virtual Tours

The tour includes 14 curated videos that run for a total of 1 hour, 15 minutes. It's $20 per household and offers one week of unlimited video viewing. Durham Public Schools educators can get free access to use in their classrooms.

The center also is offering a six or 12-month online subscription that offers continuous access to the virtual tours and a monthly e-newsletter from the center's educators with articles, activities and video clips. Six months costs $75. Twelve months costs $120.

The center also is offering private Zoom chats with Lemur experts and virtual painting packages where lemurs actually make the art. The center also continues to host its bi-weekly online series on YouTube with lemur science and trivia.

More information about all of this is on the center's website. The internationally acclaimed Duke Lemur Center in Durham, of course, is part of Duke University and is home to the most diverse population of lemurs outside of Madagascar.