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Learn how to raise independent kids

Meet Cynthia Edwards, a mom and a professor of psychology at Meredith College,who will give tips over the next few weeks on how to raise indepedent kids.

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

I hope my kids will become a lot of things ... kind, helpful, thoughtful, respectful. But a big one for me is independent.

I"ll be the first to admit that in September, when the older one goes to kindergarten and the younger one turns into a toddler, there will be plenty of tears on my part. But I also know that's part of the deal. Every day, my kids gain skills that allow them a little bit more freedom. And I think it's my job to encourage it with guidance when needed.

So I really enjoyed speaking with Cynthia Edwards, a mom of two kids and a professor of psychology at Meredith College in Raleigh. She specializes in life span developmental psychology.

She's also associate vice president for academic programs at Meredith, which means (as she told me) she sees the students who've done pretty much everything they can to shoot themselves in the foot in college. These are the kids who aren't doing well for one reason or another, perhaps they're even on the verge of flunking out. She sees firsthand what happens when kids haven't learned how to rely on themselves.

For the next four weeks every Wednesday here on Go Ask Mom, Edwards will offer tips on how to raise independent kids starting with toddlers this Wednesday and ending with high school and college age kids. She has some really great ideas.

Edwards gives a quick synopsis of what she'll talk about in this video. Be sure to come back for more.






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