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Lawyers involved in fight over Christmas lights display in Arcadia

Posted November 22, 2017 3:10 p.m. EST

— An Arcadia homeowner who says he puts up a massive Christmas light display but isn't decorating this year said he got a lawyer.

Neighbors complained about Lee Sepanek's display so he decided not to put one up this year.

He had been decorating his home for 30 years.

But this year, at least six people had filed a dozen complaints during the last three years.

"New neighbors moved in down the street about a year ago around the corner. For some reason they don't like traffic, which I'm sorry it does create traffic," Sepanek said.

He claims the City of Phoenix told him to resolve it and that he couldn't sell hot cocoa to visitors without a vendors' license.

"They requested that he get volunteers to direct traffic, to coordinate with a nearby bank in order for visiting buses, which he has no control over, to essentially stage," said Jon Riches with the Goldwater Institute.

Worried about getting shut down, Sepanek said he chose to keep his home dark this year.

"I just felt what they were asking was unreasonable and wasn't a negotiation," said Sepanek.

Now he's lawyered up with attorneys from the Goldwater Institute and Rose Law Group.