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Lawsuit against DMV has no basis, personnel office says

Wayne Hurder claims DMV Commissioner Bill Core "engaged in an abuse of authority" and that his termination describes a pattern within the DMV.

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Wayne Hurder
RALEIGH, N.C. — A lawsuit by a former employee of the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles against his former boss and the agency is without merit, the Office of State Personnel said Friday.

It found no basis to allegations that Wayne Hurder, the division's former deputy commissioner, was fired last November because he complained his manager was showing favoritism in the hiring process.

In his lawsuit, Hurder claimed former DMV Commissioner Bill Gore abused his authority in hiring two employees.

The personnel office said Hurder did not raise objections at the time the son of a former neighbor of Gore's was hired for a summer internship intern and that another person with no connection to Gore was hired for a second intern position.

Gore did not get involved in the hiring of a second employee, who had applied for two jobs at the DMV.

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