Land Sharks...from DC to Chapel Hill

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Congressional Democrats smell blood. They are circling the Capitol Dome in Washington. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi...the Californian who could be the next already sending signals. She says "when the democrats take over the next Congress President Bush and his staff will have to answer tough questions about the war in Iraq, WMD and domestic wiretapping."
Other Washingtonians, some with, some without Potomac fever, are licking their chops. All this, even though the election is six months away. The President's low poll numbers, those mirrored by those of congressional republicans have lifted the spirits of the minority who believe they'll be the majority come January 2007.
Now, the Chapel Hill Town Council has joined the chorus. The democratic group is calling for the impeachment of the president.
One colleague said to me today, "Isn't that just like Chapel Hill?" Another remarked, "The people's republic of Chapel Hill lives!"
What do you think? Is this pure political ranting? Grandstanding? Or is the council ahead of the curve?
There are hundreds of unanswered questions for this administration...just as there are for ANY administration.
The difference now?