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Lancaster County veterinarian spends weekend in cage for charity

Posted June 24, 2018 11:18 a.m. EDT

— The co-founder of the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County is spending the first weekend of summer in less than desirable conditions.

Doctor Bryan Langlois is being held inside of a cage on top of the Pet Pantry in Manor Township.

According to Langlois, he was arrested for organizing an illegal flea circus and sentenced to cage confinement unless $10,000 "bail" money can be raised.

Langlois says the money will go to a number of places, including to help provide pet food to lower income families.

"It does really kind of show also what some of the animals go through. You know when they have to be caged in a shelter environment like that for long periods. You know, we learn from this as far as way to maintain enrichment and things like that. But kind of like I said, if I have to go through a little bit of suffering over a couple of days to raise money to help some of the animals that are need and probably suffering a lot more than this, you know, I'm more than willing to do that," said Langolis.

The money would also help toward a new anesthesia machine, allowing the pantry to do more lower cost spay and neuter to reduce pet population in the county.

We're told Dr. Langlois is only being let out of his cage for bathroom breaks and if an animal needs emergency care.