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WRAL SmartShopper

Kroger deals: New promotion with great holiday cooking deals!

Posted October 28, 2012 1:56 p.m. EDT



Kroger is running the promotion where you buy 10 items and get $5 off at the register this week! There are many good deals on holiday baking items including Carnation evaporated milk as low as 19 cents! You'll also find good buys on frozen turkey, tomatoes, multi-colored peppers, chicken breast, Green Giant veggies and free Crest toothpaste!

These deals are valid 10/28 - 11/3.  Please share any other deals you find at Kroger this week!

Kroger Coupon Policy Basics

Kroger doubles coupons up to .50 at Kroger stores in the Raleigh, NC area

Many Kroger stores in the area now allow 5 identical coupons per day (check with your store about their limits)

No total limits of coupons doubled per day

Senior Citizen Discount on Tuesday’s: Age 55 and up receive a 5% discount on total grocery bill (excludes alcohol, tobacco and prescriptions)

Kroger digital e-coupons can be found at the link in the box above. You cannot couple a digital coupon with a paper coupon at Kroger. If you have a digital coupon loaded to your card, the register will automatically deduct it and will not allow you to use the paper coupon. Digital coupons do not double. Click HERE for the digital coupons.

Kroger is running their very popular “What a Deal” promotion where you buy 10 participating items and get $5 back at the register. It’s basically like getting .50 off each item. You need to buy all 10 in the same transaction. In past promotions, you could buy in multiples of 10 in the same transaction and get back the reward for each set of 10 items. For instance, buy 20 participating items in the same order and get $10 off the total at register. Here are some of the better deals from the ad. Not all the deals for this promo are listed in the ad so look for the “What a Deal” tag on participating items.

Carnation evaporated milk, 12 oz can, .69 after promo discount - .50/2 coupon from 9/30 RP = .19 each (good stock up price for holiday cooking)

Green Giant veggies canned, select, .49 after promo discount

Campbell’s cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup, .69 after promo discount - .40/4 coupon from 9/16 SS = .49 each

Swanson canned broth, 14.5 oz can, .49 after promo discount

Kraft jet-puffed marshmallows, 8 – 10 oz., .69 after promo discount

Pillsbury cinnamon or crescent rolls, 8 count, $1.38 after promo discount
Coupons: .40/2 coupon for cinnamon rolls and crescent rolls from 10/7 SS, .40/2 crescent rolls coupons from 10/21 and 9/9 SS
SavingStar coupons: .50/2 savingstar coupon for crescent rolls, .40/2 savingstar.com coupon for cinnamon rolls

Stove Top stuffing, .79 after promo discount – Buy 4 Get 1 Free coupon found on Stove Top displays in stores (I saw the display last week in either Lowes or HT, but can’t remember which) = .63 each after coupon and discount

San Giorgio pasta, select 16 oz., .69 after promo discount

Del Monte tomatoes, 14.5 oz. can, .75 after promo discount

Heinz gravy, 12 oz., .79 after promo discount

Pepsi products, 2 ltrs, .89 after promo discount

Ocean Spray cranberry sauce, 14 oz or Del Monte Fruit, canned, .99 after promo discount

Domino sugar, 4 lbs, $2.49 after promo discount - .50 coupon from 9/16 RP = $1.49

Stouffers entrees, $1.88 after promo discount - $1/2 coupon from 9/9 RP = $1.38 each

International Delight creamers, 32 oz., $2.49 after promo discount - .55 coupon from their website HERE = $1.94

Land O Lakes butter, 15 – 16 oz, $1.99 after promo discount (a good price for butter – stock up for holiday baking)

Turkey Hill ice cream, $2.79 after promo discount - $1/2 coupon from 7/29 RP (expires 10/31) = $2.29 each

Gevalia coffee, 12 oz, $6.49 after promo discount - $1 coupon from Smart Shopper coupon link in box above = $5.49


Tomatoes on the vine, .99/lb – good price

Bell peppers, red, orange or yellow, $1 each

Bartlett pears, $1.29/lb

Organic russet potatoes, 3 lb bag, $1.99

Organic apples, $1.49/lb

Tangerines, 3 lb bag, $2.99

Kroger potatoes, red or gold, 5 lb bag, $3.99

Florida navel oranges, 8 lb bag, $4.99


Kroger is running their deal on frozen turkey breast again this week through Thanksgiving Day!: .59/lb with an additional $25 purchase. Last year, we saw the price of frozen turkeys go as low as .47/lb at Harris Teeter with an additional $40 purchase. Keep in mind, though, that there is no guarantee they will go that low this year with the increases we are seeing across the board on groceries. See more details below.

Pride of the Farm turkey breast, bone in, $1.59/lb (my buy price last year was .99/lb but I am not sure it will get that low this year)

Kroger value chicken breasts or thighs, $1.99/lb

Kroger boneless whole ham, $2.49/lb

Kroger ground chuck, 3 lb roll, $2.79/lb

Atlantic salmon portions, 6 oz, $2.99

White shrimp, 2 lb bags, $11.98 ($5.99/lb)

Gwaltney bacon, 12 oz., select varieties, $2.50 - .75 coupon from 9/30 SS = $1.75

Tennesse Pride breakfast sausage, 12 oz patties or 16 oz roll, $1.99

Pork chops or boneless pork loin, 33% off

Dairy & Frozen

Kroger Greek yogurt, 6 oz., .70 each

Green Giant and Kroger frozen veggies, $1.00 - .60/3 coupon from 10/14 SS = .67 each

Kroger orange juice, ½ gallon, $1.66

Kroger cheese, 12 – 16 oz., $2.99 (like getting the 8 oz for $1.50, a decent deal)


Big K, 2 ltr, .79

Heiners old fashioned white bread, $1.50

Coke 6 packs, 5 for $10 when you buy 3 and get 2 free ($2.00 each when you buy all 5)


Crest toothpaste, 4.2 – 4.6 oz., $1 - .50 coupon fro 9/30 PG (expires 10/31) = FREE
There is also a .75/1 coupon from 10/28 that will make the toothpaste .25

Kibbles ‘n Bits, 16 lb, $8.99 - $1 coupon from 10/7 RP = $7.99

Halloween costumes, 40% off