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Kroger is offering the $4 off 4 P&G promo again and there are a number of citrus fruits on sale this week.

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Faye Prosser
Kroger is offering the $4 off 4 P&G promo again and there are a number of citrus fruits on sale this week.

Deals are valid January 2 – January 8.

Kroger Coupon Policy Basics

Doubles coupons up to .50

Many Kroger stores only allow 2 identical coupons per day (check with your store about their limits)

No total limits of coupons doubled per day

Kroger e-coupons can be found at the link in the box above

P&G Promotion: The same P&G promo from last week is running again. Get $4.00 off at checkout when you buy 4 participating products. Basically, it’s $1 off each item when you buy 4. You can mix and match any 4. All purchases must be made in the same transaction. There are a number of P&G esaver digital coupons you can load to your card that match well with the sales. These are manufacturer’s coupons and are not to be coupled with hard copy manufacturer’s coupons (like those from the Sunday paper). They do not double at the register.

WARNING: Although the deals below look great when coupled with the manufacturer’s coupons from the Sunday paper, be aware that many Kroger stores in our area have decided they will only accept 2 coupons per manufacturer (not per product – it’s per manufacturer). Even if they are coupons that won’t double because they are over .50, this is their policy (which is ridiculous, in my opinion). If that is the case, they will not let you use all 4 coupons making the deals much less attractive. Feel free to post how your local Kroger handled your P&G coupons.

Some of the better deals include:

Secret deodorant
Sale: $2.29
Promo discount: $1.00
MQ: $1 coupon from 12/26

Total after promo and coupon = .29

Old Spice deodorant
Sale: $2.29
Promo discount: $1.00

MQ: $1/2 from 12/26 AND coupon for FREE Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash when you buy 1 Old Spice Deodorant.


2 Old Spice Deodorant

2 Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash

Use the following coupons:

$1/2 deodorant coupon from 12/26

2 coupons for free body wash when you buy deodorant from 12/26

Total for all 4 items after coupons and $4 promo discount = FREE (.42 money maker)

Now that scenario only works if your Kroger will allow you to use all 4 coupons. As I mentioned above, many Kroger stores have decided they will only accept 2 coupons per manufacturer. If that is the case, they will not let you use all 4 coupons.

Dawn dish liquid
Sale: $2.49
Promo discount: $1.00
MQ: .50 for Hand Renewal (if included in promo)

Total after promo and coupon = .49

Oral B Advantage toothbrush
Sale: $2.50
Promo discount: $1.00
MQ: .75 from 12/26

Total after promo and coupon = .75


Minneolas 2 for $1

Braeburn or Jonagold apples .99/lb

Sweet yellow onions .99/lb

Avocados $1.00 each

Organic apples $1.29/lb

Pears, red or gree, Anjou or Asian $1.29/lb

Tangerines, 3 lb bag $2.50

Red cherries $2.99/lb

Clementines, 3 lb bag $3.99

Navel oranges, 8 lb bag $5.99


Tyson split chicken breasts, drumsticks, thighs .99/lb

Kroger boneless, skinless chicken breasts, 3 lb bag $6.99

Mixed pork chops, $2.49/lb

Dairy and Frozen

Yoplait yogurt, 4-6 oz .50 each - .40/6 coupon, .50/8 coupon from 1-2

Dannon yogurt, select varieties (picture shoes light and fit and Activia - .40/1 light and fit coupon from 1-2

Kroger cottage cheese, 24 oz $1.99

Kroger large eggs, grade A, 18 count $2.29

Kroger cheese singles 24 ct, Kroger shredded cheese 12-16 oz $2.99

Lean Cuisine Market Creations, Lean Cuisine Entrée, Hot or Lean Pockets
Sale: Buy 5 and get 2 FREE. Total cost when you buy 7 = $1.50 each (sale price $2.15 if you buy less than 7)
MQ: $1/2 printable for Lean Cuisine Market Creations
Total for 7 with 2 coupons (you should be able to print 2 from your printer) = $1.21 each

Total for 7 with 3 coupons (if you can print from another printer) = $1.07 each

Tyson chicken or Any’tizers, 22-28 oz $6.99 - $1 coupons from 11/7 and 10/10


Propel fitness water, Gatorade or G2, SoBe Juice, tea or lifewater Buy 10 get 5 free = .67 each after 5 free ones, limit 2 per transaction

Vitamin water $1 - $1/4 coupon from 1-2 = .75 There is also a BOGO printable on Facebook

Quaker Instant Oatmeal box, 8-16 count $1.99 - $1 coupon from 1-2

Kroger bread and buns $1.00

Pepsi or 7Up soft drinks, 2 ltr $1.00

Kroger peanut butter $1.25

Kroger peanuts 12 oz $1.66

Sunbeam giant white bread, 24 oz $1.29

Kelloggs or Kashi o Lean cereal, select varieties and Special K, Fiber Plus or Nutrigrain bars, 6-10 count
Sale: Buy any 4 participating items and get $4 off making the cost $1.99 each after discount
MQ: $1/2 Special K cereal bars coupon from 1-2, $1/3 Special K cereal from 1-2, $1/2 Nutrigrain bars printable coupon

Total after discount and $1/2 coupon = $1.49 each

Big K soft drinks, 12 pack 12 oz cans $2.19

Nature Made, Nature’s Bounty, Sundown, Disney, Flexamin, Osteo Bi-flex vitamins or supplements
Sale: BOGO

MQ: $1 Nature Made coupon from 1-2, $2 and $1 Nature’s Bounty coupons from 1-2, $1 Sundown and Marvel vitamins from 1-2, $5 Flex-a-min coupon from 12-5, $3 coupon from


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