Apex kindergarten teacher writes song for students about 2020 school year

2020 has a been a first of its kind school year separating teachers and students. For kindergarten teacher Lindsey Collins of Baucom Elementary in Apex, it's been filled with emotion. Her response was composing a song she calls "Virtual Kindergarten Teacher Emotions."

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Rick Armstrong
, WRAL photojournalist
APEX, N.C. — This school year, many teachers have had to learn how to teach their students while staying apart from them.

For Lindsey Collins, a kindergarten teacher at Baucom Elementary in Apex, the start of the school year has her filled with emotions.

To cope with those emotions, she wrote a song, "Virtual Kindergarten Teacher Emotions."

"I sat down and wanted to play my guitar just to get some emotions out," Collins said.

Her song asks the question, "2020, why do you have to do be so mean?"

Along with being a kindergarten teacher, Collins is also a professional musician. She’s been teaching at Baucom Elementary for five years.

"I love it. I can’t imagine doing anything else," Collins said.

Many teachers are looking for ways to connect with students virtually during a period of online learning. The song’s lyrics tell the story of feeling "quarantined," teaching students "remotely" and blaming the unwelcome change on the year itself.

In song, Collins resigns herself to the reality that emojis will have to suffice for gestures of encouragement.

She, like many teachers, long for the day when they can better limit distractions and noise and enjoy the in-person presence of her students -- who she calls "the littles".

As a performer, Collins always seeks feedback for her music, especially her original songs.

"I’ve got great feedback. I know that there’s been a lot of people sharing it," she said.

For her, the song may express common feelings of other educators. But at its core, it’s a personal message for her own students.

They've seen her performance of the song during online classes.

"It really just brings a smile to their faces to know that they’re not alone," Collins said.

The song has humor, but it’s also from the heart. Collins said that the first time she sang the song, she couldn't get through it all the way. It was very emotional for her, she said.

"To my little ones, sit back, relax and let us have some fun. Together we’ll learn and laugh and grow as one," Collins sings in her song, as she offered her students a "huge air hug".

Lyrics of Lindsey Collins' "Virtual Kindergarten Teacher Emotions"
Quarantine, got me teaching kindergarten remotely. All we can do is sing to the screen – 2020 why you gotta be so mean?
Thumbs up, thumbs down. The one with a smiley face or with a frown – I guess that’s how we communicate now, muted chatter in the background.
To my little ones, sit back relax and let us have some fun. Together we’ll learn, laugh and grow as one.
Until then here’s a huge air hug.
Quarantine – I’ve been teaching kindergarten remotely. All we can do is stare to the screen – 2020 why you gotta be so mean?