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Keisha Lance Bottoms: First priority is to build up city's police force

Posted December 14, 2017 12:47 p.m. EST

— As Mayor-elect Keisha Lance Bottoms continues transitioning to her new role at City Hall, the runner up in the race continues to challenge the results.

Mary Norwood officially filed her request for a recount in the election overnight Wednesday. The process is expected to take two days. Norwood is asking not just for a recount but also a complete review of all the voter certifications -all 90,000 plus of them.

Meanwhile, Bottoms is not wasting any time during her transition to the mayor's office. One of her first priorities is building up the city's police force.

"We know that we are around 1800 officers we really need to get to 2500 at some point. Certainly 2000 but I think that another component we need to focus on is our technology integration so staffing is one component," said Bottoms. "But I've been speaking with the Police Foundation about as it relates to how we police in our communities and personnel is a part of it but technology is a huge part of it as well."

Bottoms says thankfully her administration isn't going to be a hostile takeover of City Hall as many felt Norwood's administration was going to be.