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Keeping track of priceless moments

Aysu has a system for remembering those precious moments with her kids.

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Aysu Basaran
Aysu Basaran

Whenever I see a baby, I try to remember what my daughters looked like when they were that teeny tiny. What did it feel like to hold them?

Ahhhh... then there are those toddler days when kids really do say the darndest things! I love to reminisce, but worry I will lose track of those times because -- let's face it -- children grow up way too fast.

I would never want to forget the time one of my daughters thought we were going to visit a man named Clarence at the store. As it turns out, we were going to see what was on clearance at the store. Then there was the time one of my daughters asked me to describe something in the backseat of the car but I couldn't because I was driving. She said, "I knew it... I KNEW you didn't have eyes in the back of your head!"

So what's a mom to do to keep those conversations fresh and that old noggin sharp? Several years ago, I began carrying a journal with me at all times so I could jot things down shortly after they happened. I started blogging weekly updates for friends and family members. I've always taken lots of pictures and I put them scrapbooks or photo albums after the children go to bed. The key for me is keeping my thoughts organized and having an easy-to-use system. I've made it very simple to keep track of priceless moments I might otherwise forget in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

When the girls are all grown up, my hope is to give them a little bit of their childhood preserved in pictures and in words. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind and ditch the journal in the teenage years!

Aysu is the busy mom of three girls and assistant news director for WRAL-TV. Find her here Sundays.

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