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Julia Sims: Mama time

Posted September 22, 2014 8:50 p.m. EDT

Julia Sims with son Will

Over the years, Will and I have had plenty of one-on-one time. My husband travels and his schedule can be a bit erratic, leaving the two of us on our own. We always make the most of it.

Recently though, we took it to another level. The week before school started, we took off for the beach. Mike couldn't make it the first couple of days so Will and I headed to the coast on our own. I figured we'd have a good time. I just didn't realize how special it would be.

Have you ever taken the time to just watch the joy on your child's face? I mean really soak it all up? That's what I did for three sun-filled, fun-filled days.

Will loves the water and so do I. Put a little boy in the ocean and you can't get him out. The first day we spent three continuous hours in the water jumping waves. My fingers were shriveled, my toes looked like prunes and my thighs burned. The smile on Will's face was as big and wide as the Mississippi. We were both in heaven.

At night, we ate dinner on the floor. We watched movies and laughed until we cried. We read books in bed until we fell asleep. One morning, we got up early, grabbed a blanket and ate breakfast on the beach.

There was nothing spectacular about our trip. No amusement parks, no fancy dinners out. Just Will and me and the ocean. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Julia is a reporter for WRAL-TV and the mother of a preschooler. She writes monthly for Go Ask Mom.