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Julia Sims: Finishing fourth

Posted June 4, 2018 9:00 p.m. EDT

Julia Sims with her son

Well, here we are: the final week of fourth grade.

If you’d told me four years ago that time would pass this quickly, I’d have laughed.

It’s funny. Each year in elementary school seems to go by faster and faster. I remember kindergarten was like an endless year of non-stop volunteering, class parties and panicking. Boy, how things change!

I’ve only stepped inside Will’s classroom a handful of times this year.

This was the year he and a friend started walking to school together. The two times I walked with him he asked me not to walk into the school! Yes, my heart has been broken several times over because of this, but it serves as a gentle reminder that he’s becoming independent ... and that’s what it’s all about, right?

This was the year there were fewer class parties, and those they did have rarely included moms and dads. I totally get it: They’re older now and don’t need us by their side for every little thing.

This was the year that for the first time, there was very little panicking. Somehow we’ve learned to get our act together! It’s taken us awhile, but gone are the days when we seemed to always forget Teacher Appreciation Day or neglect to send in a check for this or that.

This was also the year the complaining and the drama stopped over homework. I’ll take it. Oh, how I’ll take it!

And yes, this was the year this mama could finally make it to school presentations scheduled during the middle of the day. I consider myself blessed!

So, it seems like we are all learning to finally get in the groove of elementary school. And to think it’s taken us this long ... with just one year left to go!

Julia Sims is the mom of one and a former reporter for WRAL-TV. She regularly appears here on Go Ask Mom.