"Judge not lest ye be judged..."

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Most of us, including this reporter, quickly become defensive when someone judges us unfairly. Trouble is, we often don't see our judgment of others as unfair.

I was in an editorial meeting today when we learned the autopsy reports on the four young men shot execution style in Durham last year showed no signs of illegal drugs in their system.

That news came and went without fanfare. Then I heard a deep sigh from a producer sitting across the table from me. This person is very bright, a person of deep commitment and integrity. This person is African-American, the same as all four of the victims.

We entered into what became a lengthy conversation and I was reminded there are times our conversations regarding news events are slanted, prejudicial and judgmental. My deep desire is those prejudices, however unintentional they may be, don't make their way into the stories we air.

Those four young men deserved better in life. We can't change that now. We CAN change how they're remembered in death.