Jason Momoa got real comfortable in his Super Bowl ad

Posted February 3, 2020 12:15 p.m. EST

— Jason Momoa stripped down for a Super Bowl commercial, but not in a way that viewers probably would have liked.

In an ad for Rocket Mortgage we see the "Aquaman" actor coming home apparently after a hard day of being a sexy star.

Once inside his "sanctuary" Momoa stars taking off all the trappings of his supposed life - including the boots which make him tall, his muscles and the luxurious locks he's come to be known for.

Say what now?

By the end Momoa is shorter, much thinner and balding.

The "Comfortable" commercial was funny to some, but a "new Momoa" was not for everyone.

"This Jason Momoa Rocket Mortgage commercial is really disturbing please don't ever show it again," one person tweeted.

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