James Bond’s New Foe Looks Familiar, and His Hat Looks Sharp

Her Majesty’s favorite spy, James Bond, will be returning in a monthly comic book series in November.

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George Gene Gustines
, New York Times

Her Majesty’s favorite spy, James Bond, will be returning in a monthly comic book series in November.

The series, James Bond 007, from Dynamite Entertainment, will be written by Greg Pak and drawn by Marc Laming, with colors by Triona Farrell and letters by Ariana Maher. Bond will be joined on this new adventure by a new man of mystery, with impressive fighting skills and a razor-sharp hat.

Any similarity to Oddjob, the Bond nemesis from the 1959 novel “Goldfinger” (and the 1964 film adaptation of the same name), is intentional and their connection will be revealed as the six-part story unfolds.

Exploring the character of Oddjob was the first idea that came to Pak’s mind when the opportunity to write this Bond series came along. He has devised a cat-and-mouse superspy caper that will pit Bond against the new character.

“Each of them challenges the other in ways they’ve never been challenged before,” he said. Pak enjoyed playing with the contrasts between the two agents.

Whereas Bond is sleek, stylish and coolly detached, his rival is big, loud and unpredictable.

“Coming up with the fun twists and turns and crazy toys are all just the icing on the cake,” Pak said. But for any story to work, “there has to be an emotional core and character hook.” Pak is abetted in this effort by Laming.

“It’s a really special skill for a comic artist to draw people in civilian clothes and still make them look badass and stylish and fun,” Pak said. “You need an artist who can draw remarkable, everyday people in hand-to-hand combat and make that as thrilling as any superhero battle you will see. I think he’s going to tear it up.”

Laming said his first memory of Bond was when his father woke him up to watch “Dr. No” on television as a child. Soon after, he began reading the novels by Ian Fleming in paperback.

“It’s nice to do something grounded, with real bodies moving in realistic ways,” Laming said. He has begun layouts for issue No.1 and is looking forward to drawing a particular scene. “There’s a big fight in a very confined space at the end of issue No.1 that is going to be a lot of fun and a lot of chaos,” he said.

“I get to use a lot of the environment to make it interesting,” Laming added. “It’s very Bond.”

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