I've Never Had a Bad Meal at _____.

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What restaurant consistently delivers outstanding food? What restaurant stands apart as a place that always pleases your palate? You know, the kind of place where you have NEVER had a bad meal. Let's also tighten the focus by saying it is a place you have visited at least four times.

The WRAL Morning News team is a hungry bunch and we love to talk food. Elizabeth Gardner says she has never had a bad meal at Hayes Barton Cafe in Raleigh. Elizabeth is a big fan of another inside the Beltline eatery. Bistro 607 has never disappointed her.

Valonda Calloway says Vivace in North Hills is a model of consistent excellence. She particularly likes the reasonable portions at Vivace. We should state that her brother works there. I really like Vivace, too but I’ve only been there twice. Valonda also praises Sullivans and Panera Bread as two of her top chain restaurants.

Lynda Loveland and I share a favorite restaurant. Maximillian’s in Cary is truly a dining adventure with remarkable presentation, taste and creativity. Both of us truly get excited when we go there.

I’ve been going to Amedeos for more than 30 years and I’ve never had a bad meal there. From the restaurant graveyard I would have mention Pyewacket in Chapel Hill. It was at the top of my list for a decade until it closed five years ago. I would also put Irregardless in Raleigh in my top notch category.

What about you? Where have you NEVER had a bad meal?

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