It’s Spring in New York, Right?

Posted May 18, 2018 7:48 p.m. EDT

NEW YORK — Spring seems to arrive out of nowhere each year. At long last, we remember what it’s like to not just tolerate but enjoy being outside.

We remember what it’s like to sit outside at a restaurant, a baseball game, a park or a bar. We remember that it can be OK to expose significant expanses of skin to the elements.

In spring it feels OK to just kind of wander around wherever there are things to see — at your own risk.

A long walk through one of the botanical gardens, Prospect Park or Central Park is likely to be spoiled by an impossibly hard rainfall. And the ground may be too raw and muddy for sitting in the park.

The cool nights are pleasant, to be sure, but “pleasant” can be jarring in a city used to extremes.

Sometimes you will play a game of chicken at an outdoor bar, when the temperature has dropped far too low for comfort and the attire that was appropriate earlier in the day.

Who will be the first to suggest we move inside?

Spring is the hardest season to get ahold of. It sometimes seems that its one great virtue is that it is not winter.

And for now, maybe that’s good enough.