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Is KAG the new MAGA?

Posted June 19, 2019 7:30 p.m. EDT

— President Donald Trump was in his prime on Tuesday night. Speaking to thousands of MAGA-hatted supporters from the center of an arena in Orlando, Trump officially launched his reelection bid.

He didn't put forth any new policy proposals, but he vowed to keep on fighting and keep on winning, and to protect his supporters from the Democrats who want to destroy the country (in his words).

Trump also literally audience-tested his latest campaign slogan, asking the crowd to cheer for one of two options to determine what his 2020 slogan would be: "Make American Great Again" or "Keep America Great."

The loudest cheers would determine his pick.

And even though it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, "Keep America Great" prevailed.

When the President delivered the line, the audience ERUPTED in cheers, and chants of "USA, USA, USA." Trump even covered his ears, said it was decisive and thus -- the new slogan was set.

In true Trump fashion, the President mused about the whole slogan matter during the rally: "How do you give up the greatest theme of all time with a new theme? If I lose, people are going to say 'What a mistake that was.' But we're not going to lose, so it's not going to matter."

It remains to be seen whether the new -- and popular, at least with his Florida crowd -- slogan of Keep America Great (KAG?), will be as instantly iconic as Make America Great Again.

As of Wednesday afternoon, none of the merchandise on Trump's campaign website had shifted into KAG 2020 mode. For now, the campaign appears to continue to be Making America Great Again -- with MAGA hats, shirts and signs still on offer.

The Point: Yes, it's only a slogan, but as we know from Trump's penchant for nicknames and monickers for opponents and himself, this will have staying power.