Is it just me?

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I look at the calendar and have to rub my eyes. There it is. It DOES read 2006. How can this be? A story today about a dog fighting ring, replete with heavy gambling and men running into the woods with their killer dogs, leaving their trucks behind as authorities make arrests. The past two weeks major cockfighting rings are busted. All in our viewing area.

How can this be? The Triangle has more PhDs per capita than almost any place in the country. We have a record high number of college graduates. Salaries are excellent for many. Home sales at an all-time high. Unemployment rates some of the lowest in the country.

Yet, in the midst of all that is good it's apparent we don't live in Eden. While progress has been made, obviously some has been lost. It's 2006! Is it just me, or are you as shocked that cockfighting and dog fighting continues from generation to generation?

Where is Sheriff Andy Taylor when you need him?