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Instagram fashion influencer not concerned about hidden likes

Posted November 15, 2019 8:54 a.m. EST

— Betsy Burleson’s center of fashion influence is the breakfast bar in her home, where she’s been working on holiday content for her blog.

Five years ago, Burleson and her twin sister Katey, who lives in Ohio, started "Two Peas in a Blog."

“My sister and I talk constantly,” Burleson said. “All day long, we text, we talk.”

As Instagram influencers, the two share their fashion passion with followers.

Many of their followers buy the clothes the sisters model and write about, which leads to sales commissions.

This week, Instagram started hiding viewer likes in an effort to reduce the competitive pressure among users.

Burleson said a lot of likes can be good advertising, but it’s not what drives their business.

“It's really the relationship you've built with that following that leads to ultimately sales,” she said.

Now, followers won’t see the likes posted on the Instagram accounts they follow.

Burleson, who has two teenagers active on social media, believes hiding likes is a good thing.

“I think that likes have taken on a whole life of their own,” she said. “It is like a popularity contest, you know? ‘She has more likes on her picture than I do.’ I think it will help with that.”

As for micro-influencers – those just starting out – Burleson said they can manage just fine without the help of likes.

“It might make it easier – it makes it more of a level playing field,” Burleson said. “Nobody knows for sure, but I'm excited to see the changes that might come.”

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