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Inmate escaped by switching his I.D. bracelet with his cell mate

Posted June 12, 2018 11:04 a.m. EDT

— Many viewers have expressed outrage about how Duwin Cordova was able to escape from the Metropolitan Detention Center on Sunday.

Candance Hopkins, with Metropolitan Detention Center, says Cordova switched identification bracelets with his cellmate -- Edwin Sanchez -- who was scheduled to be released from jail.

"We use a special tool to attach the restrict band to an inmate and in theory, you'd need that tool to take the wrist band off as well," Hopkins said.

Hopkins says MDC staff are required to scan an inmate's bracelet and review other things before they can be released from jail.

"Where you were arrested, what you were arrested for, these are details, we believe that Mr. Perez Cordova would have had to give about Mr. Sanchez," Hopkins said.

And they're staff members are supposed to search for clear indicators such as tattoos.

Officials with MDC say Cordova has several tattoos, while Sanchez has none.

Hopkins was asked if MDC staff members over looked the jail's release process.

"Our policies and practices are put to the test every day because of that and because of this situation, we do need to take a closer look at them," Hopkins said.

Investigators say Edwin and Cordova shared a cell for almost a month.

They think Edwin helped Cordova escape.

He's being charged with assisting with Cordova's escape and conspiracy.

But he was in court Monday and he was released until his next court date.