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Inconceivable: Frozen embryo transfer 101

Posted July 17, 2018 6:37 a.m. EDT

Kathy Hanrahan with her family

I had no idea that it takes about six weeks for your body to recover and “calm down” after Ovarian Hyperstimulation and egg retrieval. I really thought that I’d get my period and, within a month, we’d be ready. I was so wrong.

When I met with my reproductive specialist, I found out that it takes a little time to get your body right. Thing were worse for me though, I think, because I got my period back about two weeks before my doctor thought I would. That means another few weeks of birth control and just waiting to catch up with the timeline she laid out for me.

More waiting.

I feel like I’ve been waiting for baby number two forever. It’s been nearly three years of miscarriages, injections, blood tests, ultrasounds, tears, heartache, hope, frustration. And now I am waiting – again!

For those who haven’t been through a frozen embryo transfer, I wanted to break down my protocol.

2-4 weeks on birth control
Ultrasound and blood test at the doctor’s office
Off birth control for a few days and then taking estrogen twice a day
A week later another ultrasound and blood test
A week after that another ultrasound and blood test
Start oral steroids and then progesterone shots
Probably one more another ultrasound and blood test – I’ve lost track of how many times I’m seeing these people at this point. I need my own parking space at their office.
About a week later come in for frozen transfer – drink a lot of liquid because they want you to be doing the “pee pee” dance.

Then wait for two weeks just praying and hoping it took!

I asked my doctor what our odds were. She said about 45 percent. That’s basically a coin flip. So I guess we will be flipping a coin next month and praying for a good outcome.

Have you gone through a frozen transfer? What should I know before the procedure?

Kathy is the mom of one and editor of's Out & About section. She's sharing her experience with secondary infertility here on Go Ask Mom.