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In the trenches

The trench coat has been elevated to the status of a classic and is a perennial that will never go out of style.

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Mary Michele Little of One Chic Mama
Mary Michele Little

Each season there’s one item you can add to your wardrobe to boost the appearance of just about everything and bring polish to what you already own. This spring why not let that item be a trench coat? This chic and versatile style has been elevated to the status of a classic and is a perennial that will never go out of style.

Trench coats are often thought of as outerwear to be worn only when the sky is cloudy. But why not let it come out from under its stereotype and wear one even when the sun is shining? With all the fabulous colors, prints and patterns you can find them in this season, you’ll want to pull it on every day! After all, what better way to kick up your jeans and a tee, or even sweatpants, on those days that you’re just not feeling put together? Here are a few trends to look for when buying a trench:

1. Shade of Blue - From vibrant turquoise to teal to navy, blue is a lovely color to add punch to your neutrals or keep your conservative style in check.

2. Metallica – Metallic finishes are everywhere this season, so why not opt for a bit of sheen, whether your trench is a neutral color or a bright?

3. Berry Brights – Hues of red and purple look gorgeous and brighten your basics.

4. Black and White – Go for a bold, graphic black and white print or pattern for a statement making topper.

You can find trench coats in all lengths this season, so be sure and choose the one that best flatters you. A trench is such an essential piece, you’ll wonder how you got by without one!

Mary Michele Little is an image consultant and owner of One Chic Mama. She can help you get back into style here on Go Ask Mom every Friday.

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