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If you love squeegees and horrifying heights, the Space Needle has the job for you

Wanted: Windex aficionado with extensive experience in not looking down.

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SEATTLE, WA — Wanted: Windex aficionado with extensive experience in not looking down.

Actually, four of them.

The Space Needle is in the process of hiring four "courageous employees" to clean the 176 tons of glass that were added during its recent redesign. That adds up to more than 20,000 square feet of glass that will have to be cleaned every day.

"This isn't a job for the faint of heart," Paul Best, who leads the Space Needle's glass-keeping team, said in a statement. "All of the tower's recently installed glass is located 500 feet in the air or higher, which will require my team to reach, climb and crawl on more than 300 panels of glass to keep the tower's floor-to-ceiling views pristine for every guest."

The position pays $15 an hour, the minimum wage in Seattle.

The $100 million renovation project is focused on preserving and improving the Needle. There are a total of 170 jobs available as the summer tourist season ramps up, ranging from guest experience specialists to maintenance engineers to admissions agents.

"From operating an elevator to changing the Space Needle's signature aircraft warning beacon, our employees scale every inch of the of the structure to maintain its beauty and legacy," vice president of human resources Nancy Hawman said in a statement.

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