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A number of different sources are reporting an upcoming Super Doubles event. Read on for more info ...

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Faye Prosser

There is a rumor going around on a number of deal sites that Harris Teeter will be Super Doubling coupons starting May 19-25.  Disclaimer: This info is not confirmed yet.

I am posting this heads up so you can get your coupon organizers in order just in case, but it is not a promise of super doubles.  These rumors have been false on more than one occasion, so don't send me frowny e-mails if it turns out not to be true!

IF it does turn out to be true, here are the rules from the last Super Doubles promo:

  • HT will double coupons worth up to $1.98 so $1.50 coupons will be doubled to $3.
  • They will double up to 20 per day.
  • They will double up to three identical coupons per day.

Once I have confirmation, I will let you know and I'll post a good deals list. Mr. Teeter, if you are listening, please let it be true! :-)

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