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Hungry at Hopscotch: Where to eat?

Chances are, at some point during Hopscotch, you'll be hungry. Here are some ideas on where to eat during the festival.

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Caitlin Zanga
RALEIGH, N.C.Hopscotch Music Festival officially begins Thursday and continues through Saturday, although the Design Festival starts Wednesday and day parties keep things going on Sunday.

Chances are, at some point during the week, you'll be downtown for a Hopscotch event and feel your stomach rumble over drum beats and guitar riffs. So, where to eat?

Below are some suggestions. Remember to download the Out & About app to find restaurants nearby, along with information like hours, reviews and more.

Somewhere quick

These restaurants offer quick, tasty meals so you can get back to the music.

  • Calavela, 444 S Blount St.: Grab a couple empanadas and you're good to go!
  • Garland, 14 W Martin St.: Located right outside Kings and Neptune's, they have a take-out window serving Indian-inspired cuisine.
  • Square Rabbit, 19 E Martin St.: They only do lunch, but this is a great take-out restaurant and bakery.
  • Morning Times, 8 E Hargett St.: Serving breakfast and lunch through 6 p.m., then switching to cocktails.

Somewhere convenient

These restaurants are also participating Hopscotch venues. Listen to music while eating dinner!

  • Tir na nOg, 218 S Blount St.: Irish food and lively music. What more do you want?
  • The Hive at Busy Bee Cafe, 225 S Wilmington St.: Just head downstairs for their delicious loaded tots.
  • Garland, 14 W Martin St. (see "Somewhere quick")
  • Humble Pie, 317 S Harrington St.: They're hosting a day party Saturday and serve small plates.

Somewhere quiet

Need a break from the crowds and noise? 

  • Vic's, 331 Blake St.: Tucked away in historic City Market, this traditional Italian restaurant is a friendly, delicious choice.
  • Five Star, 511 W Hargett St.: In the Warehouse District, away from most of the crowds, you'll find good Chinese food. Gotta try the heat seeker shrimp!
  • Troy Mezze, 317 Blake St.: Also in City Market, chow down on Turkish cuisine or refuel with some Turkish coffee.

Somewhere local

No chain restaurants here – if you're from out of town, check out these Raleigh favorites.

  • Raleigh Times, 14 E Hargett St.: Great bar food, from snacks to meals, and a huge beer menu in a 100-year-old building.
  • Poole's Downtown Diner, 426 S McDowell St.: This place is great and it shows with a perpetual crowd out the door. Make a reservation!
  • Bida Manda, 222 S Blount St.: Owned by a brother-sister duo, this Laotian restaurant serves amazing, fresh food. Get the spring rolls for an appetizer!

Somewhere for drinks and food

These restaurants pair up great food with great beer.

  • Brewmasters, 301 W Martin St.: 66 taps and big ol' burgers in the Warehouse District.
  • Raleigh Times, 14 E Hargett St. (see "Somewhere local")
  • The Oxford, 319 Fayetteville St.: Classic pub fare and a great combo of NC beers on tap and domestics in bottles.
  • Centro, 106 S Wilmington St.: Fresh, upscale Mexican cuisine with a huge drink list, from margaritas and top shelf tequila to local drafts and imported bottles.

Somewhere vegetarian

Get your vegetarian or vegan fare here.

  • The Fiction Kitchen. 428 S Dawson St.: No meat here; even the chicken & waffles are vegan.
  • Sitti, 137 S Wilmington St.: Authentic Lebanese cuisine in large or small plates.
  • The Remedy Diner, 137 E Hargett St.: A cozy corner where just about every dish has a meatless option.
  • Five Star, 511 W Hargett St.: Mentioned already in "Somewhere quiet," they can substitute tofu or tempeh in many dishes.
Don't forget to use the Out and About app on your smartphone to find restaurants nearby!


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