How to Look Like a Champion

Posted May 16, 2018 7:14 p.m. EDT

Tennis great Serena Williams recently had a baby (a girl named Olympia), took up running and is putting in hours of training to get fully back on the women’s professional tennis tour. In short, she has a lot on her plate. But Williams, 36, who travels between Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and San Francisco, also carves out time for her beauty regimen, which is a mix of natural-leaning products and ones chosen to produce results. Following are what she uses.

Skin Care

I’m a big-time beauty fan — definitely, all my life. I remember when I was younger, I had so much that I had whole cabinets just stuffed with beauty. But I’m incredibly organized. I’m a Type A personality.

In the morning, it depends on how I’m feeling. I might use a face wash — it’s a gel wash called Dual Action AHA Cleanser & Mask from the European MZ Skin Luxury Skin line.It’s my secret, and it’s amazing. I also use the MZ face cream. The packaging is pink with a gold cap — it’s so pretty. I think packaging matters. I was in Harrods when I saw the line. I tried the cream first and fell in love.

I’m getting better at doing face masks, too. I got some that are gold, also from MZ Skin. I think the masks work, but I don’t use them enough.

Or maybe instead of cleanser, I’ll use a big jar of organic, unrefined coconut oil. I use that as a wash, wipe it off with hot water, and then I’m done. I don’t do anything after that except for SPF. I don’t walk out of the house without SPF on, and neither does Olympia.

For me, I use Neutrogena. That seems to be what every dermatologist recommends. For her, she uses natural shea butter, which is a natural SPF.

That’s what some doctors told me, and I read up on it. For babies, you don’t want to give them the toxins. The truth is, we don’t really need it either. I use of lot of natural things. I make oils myself — I just mix things — which is a new phase I’m on. I usually mix a jojoba oil and a coconut oil, and I might put that on my face. I add an essential oil if it’s for my hair or body. I generally don’t use an essential oil for my face.

Other than that, I like things that really work. That’s the one thing underlining my career, too: results. I like the results from the Vine Vera line.

I have the vitamin C serum, the Resveratrol peel and the Resveratrol serum. At night I make sure to take off my makeup with coconut oil, rinse my face with warm water and a towel, and then apply these products.

Also, I saw results with Embrace Scar Therapy. I had a C-section with Olympia, and I actually ended up getting cut twice. It was because I had a hematoma, and they had to go back in my wound and recut the route. I was like, “Oh my God, I’m going to have the worst scar,” which is crazy that was on my mind, but that’s natural. That’s what women think. It’s our bodies. It’s invasive to scar up our bodies.

But my friend knew about this dressing called Embrace, and it treats the scar. This was before I became an ambassador for them. I was skeptical. I think a lot of women are. But when I put it on, I could literally feel the tension releasing from the scar.


I never wear much makeup. But lately I’ve been wearing a little more. A good friend of mine told me, “A little goes a long way,” so I’ve been putting in a little time. In less than five minutes, I have a full face.

I do a little concealer. If I want it to last all day, I use Kat Von D. If I’m going for a lighter look, I use the Nars Radiant Creamy. Then I use a little powder to set it. I use a lot of MAC powder because they have really good powder for my skin color. But if I’m just setting, then I use a translucent one.

Then it’s L’Oréal Voluminous mascara — always the waterproof. My brows, I sometimes just let them go, but I also have the Anastasia brow pencil, which is the best. But the other day, I didn’t have my brow pencil with me, and I just used my mascara on my brows. If it gets too dark, I’ll put a little concealer on there.

If I’m on the court, then I’ll go au naturel, but I do wear waterproof eyeliner sometimes, and that’s it.


I justfound one that works for me called Skylar. I’m an investor in a lot of companies, and this company reached out to someone on my team. I love natural scents because I have been allergic to perfume and haven’t worn it for years. I absolutely loved these, so now I’m an investor in the brand as well.


I love to make my hair oils. And I always use a co-wash, and I always use very natural stuff for African-American hair. Right now, I have tons of curls, and Miss Jessie’s is great. I also use the As I Am line all the time — love it.

Dye: Right now I usually do the tips or try to make something fun out of it. I do like my natural color, but I like to play. I have a lady in Miami, Angie, who’s been doing my hair for 10 years.

Other Services

I love hot stone massages. In Florida, it’s also really popular to do foot massages. You sit down, and they just do your feet. It’s so great.

Diet and Fitness

I have to worry about diet and fitness all the time. It’s my job to be fit. I have to have a good diet. I have to work out. Now, since the baby and only since the baby, I try to do cardio three or four times a week where I just go on a run. I actually never ran before, but I wanted to drop weight fast. It worked for me.

Because I wanted to lean out, I also wanted to eat a lot healthier so I went vegan for 44 days. That worked out really well. Then I tried it again. But now, I’m vega-tarian. I’m going to Europe soon. I love cheese, but I only like the cheese in Europe. So I call myself a vega-tarian so I can have that amazing cheese.