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How to Display Fake Flowers Without Looking Tacky

Posted January 7, 2013 11:45 a.m. EST

I had never seen fake flowers that didn't look fake until I saw these ideas from DIY bloggers. These ladies have taken the lowly plastic flower and transformed it into art. What's more, they've done it on the cheap.

Mixing colors, heights, and textures seems to be the name of the game when arranging fake flowers. While a plastic or polyester (very few "silk flowers" are actually made of silk these days) flower has its place, DIY fake flowers made from an inventive assortment of materials can also brighten up your house.

Display fake flowers in a modern trough: Christina, from the blog Christina's Adventures, generated this hot, mod way to display fake flowers. While alone, the fake flowers she used would look lackluster, grouped together in a plain, rectangular, modern trough planter they look lush. To create this kind of look at home, you'll need a rectangular planter, Styrofoam, and fake flowers with wide, lush blooms. Place the Styrofoam in the trough planter. Trim the fake flower stems so that just the blooms rise above the top of the planter. Arrange flowers thickly in the trough, sticking the stems of the flowers into the Styrofoam, so that you cannot see the Styrofoam.

Get creative with shapes: The brilliant blog How to Nest for Less posted this awesome tip on Her flower kissing balls could be made in a variety of shapes, although the ball shape looks particularly fancy. Once again, this project starts with Styrofoam (this time, in a ball shape) and plastic flowers. Trim the flowers to so that the stems are about three inches long. Stick the flowers into the foam balls so that all of the foam is covered. That's it! They look fantastic displayed on thick pillar candlesticks.

Mix colors and textures: Wedding Chicks, a lovely and useful DIY wedding blog, posted a truly wonderful tutorial on how to make a DIY fake flower wedding bouquet. What stands out about their tutorial is how natural the end-product looks, on account of the variety of high-quality fake flowers that they used. The Wedding Chicks mixed textures, too, like faux Lamb's Ear and faux succulents. Their arrangement looks fab as a bouquet, and would also look lovely in a vase.

Make fake flowers out of unexpected materials: Fake flowers can be made from plastic spoons, pine cones, dryer sheets, fabric, china plates, and even coffee filters. You can display them in vases, glue them to wreaths, or apply some of the design ideas that I mentioned.

Are you excited to arrange some fake flowers now? I am!

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