How to Commit Journalism

How to Commit Journalism is a podcast that pulls back the curtain on what it takes to report the news. It's the back story behind the big story, and a look at all that goes into reporting at WRAL News.

The news you see on TV and read online is the end product of hours of work by many people: research, interviews, calls, meetings, following stories day-in and day-out. Each week, WRAL News Executive Producer Ashley Talley sits down with journalists to dig into the intricacies of covering one of the big stories of the week. We'll talk about the process, the questions and the often difficult decisions that go into what we cover and how we cover it. Occasionally, we'll also bring you conversations with WRAL journalists about their journey in this profession and the memorable stories they’ve covered.

How to Commit Journalism is a production of WRAL News and part of the Capitol Broadcasting podcast network. New episodes are posted every Friday.

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