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Homeowners warned of imposters posing as Raleigh workers

Posted November 30, 2012 9:47 p.m. EST

— Raleigh officials are warning residents to be aware of people who are falsely posing as city employees. 

Recently, a person posing as a Raleigh Public Utilities Department worker tried to get a homeowner outside to the backyard to discuss an easement project, so others would be able to gain entry into the home. 

All public utilities workers carry photo identification and are instructed to show that ID when approaching homeowners, officials said. In addition, field staff will be driving city vehicles that have a seal with the department name and vehicle number. 

Workers are also often in city-issued uniforms or shirts that will also display the City of Raleigh seal and the department’s name.

Officials also want to remind homeowners that workers do not appear at residences unannounced. Meetings are usually prearranged by city staff. 

Residents should immediately call the Raleigh Public Utilities Department at 919-996-4540 or police at 911 if they see someone posing as a department employee or notice someone tampering with a utility fixture (fire hydrant, water meter, manhole and valve covers) within the right-of-way who does not display the proper credentials.