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Home security system captures Raleigh burglary on tape

Posted January 1, 2013 10:27 p.m. EST
Updated January 1, 2013 11:54 p.m. EST

— A Raleigh couple's home security system could help them find the criminals who broke into their home.

Matt Robinson installed eight cameras in different places around his home as a way to keep an eye on his dog.

The cameras can be accessed online or by using a smartphone, but Robinson said he and his wife had trouble pulling them up Saturday night while they were out of town for the holidays.

A relative went to their home to check things out and found the house had been burglarized.

"Three kicks is all it took" to break through the back door, Robinson said Tuesday.

He retrieved the video that recorded the the burglary. It shows the three thieves casually walking around the house for nearly 15 minutes looking for valuables. One of them even used a knife to open a box.

"Imagine seeing your own house and people that should not be there going through your stuff. It is not a good feeling," Robinson said.

One of the thieves eventually noticed the video cameras and is seen in the video cutting the cables to at least one of them. Bleach also was poured over a box that records the video from the cameras, but it wasn't enough to erase the images of the burglary.

Robinson put the video on YouTube and has passed out fliers in his neighborhood, asking anyone who recognizes the people on the tape to call police.

The thieves stole about $1,500 in cash and electronics, he said, but they also took something on which he cannot put a dollar figure.

"It's very violating, unsettling, and you lose your peace of mind," he said. "That is hard to get back."