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Home design trends for 2019

What will the trends be in 2019? Let's take a look.

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Home design trends for 2019
Barbara Hobbs
, writer for New Homes & Ideas
New home design trends excite both young and old shopping for houses. Who doesn’t like to go look at new homes? Magazines like House Beautiful picture homes full of new trends, and HGTV programs tout homes with all the new styles and colors, new technology with new apps, new appliances and new fixtures. And it fascinates us! So what will the trends be in 2019? Let’s take a look.

Stacked stone is definitely in

Stacked stone was one of the new trends for house exteriors in 2018, and builders expect it to continue to be popular in 2019.

Its many shades gives it versatility in color palettes. It is even being used inside homes for beautiful fireplaces stacked from floor to ceiling.

Photo courtesy of Eastwood Homes
Exterior colors will look different in 2019. “As white and off white houses continue to be very popular, we are also starting to see some darker paint colors showing up on exteriors,” says Deborah Loercher, President of Anoroc Agency. “Here at 751 South, our new home community in Durham, more and more people are requesting a darker tone for the façade of their home, whether it be a deep navy, a chocolate brown, or sometimes even black. The house siding and the trim may also be painted the same color instead of the standard white or lighter trim.”

50 Shades of Gray wasn't just a book!

For several years, shades of gray have been showing up in houses in all forms—from exterior colors to interior walls to cabinetry, fireplace brick, kitchen and bathroom tile, and flooring. Its neutrality has made it a popular background for other palettes in the wall colors, cabinetry, décor, appliances, even artwork. While it is versatile and popular, it will be less popular in 2019.

Warmer neutral tones are being featured in home palettes like Sherwin Williams’ Cavern Clay, a soft warm shade that reminds one of a Southwest mesa but looks beautiful on kitchen cabinets. Behr’s 2019 Color of the Year, Blueprint, is reminiscent of the blue-gray of architectural drawings and mixes well with the jewel tones of vine leaf, raisin in the sun or amber autumn as well as the earth tones of mars red, kindling taupe and elephant brown.
Looking for something bolder? “Paint all four walls with Night Watch, a rich deep blue green selected by PPG as its 2019 Color of the Year, then fill the room with natural elements such as bamboo, stone and wood,” challenges Heather Atkins, Design Center Manager for Eastwood Homes. “Add tropical art and plants and plenty of light, and this will be your favorite room!”

Look for these colors not only in paint but in wallpaper in small areas like powder rooms, breakfast rooms and dining rooms. 3D wood treatments of walls in bedrooms, hallways or offices will also make use of these colors or of complimentary colors in their palettes. Geometrical patterns will be popular as will be styles reflecting natural elements.

Do blondes have more fun?

Blonde wood tones will be very popular in 2019 flooring and cabinetry. Atkins says, “The blond tones and natural wood tones are becoming more popular with our home buyers.” Blonde flooring works with just about any decor and instantly makes a room look bigger. Its neutrality welcomes any color palette and any décor style. Loercher agrees. “Hardwood flooring is going lighter. As we see overall interior paint colors warming up with some bold rooms setting the stage, lighter floors compliment the darker walls achieving balance in a room.”

Both talk about new flooring types preferred by home buyers. “The new waterproof laminate floors are becoming more popular as people gravitate towards lighter tones and rustic barn wood looks,” said Loercher. “This product delivers the colors and patterns without the cost of an actual reclaimed material.”

Eastwood’s home buyers like enhanced vinyl plank flooring according to Atkins. “It’s easy to care for and maintain, and can be found in wider planks our buyers like,” she said.

Let there be light

“There will be a huge emphasis on lighting in 2019 as home buyers are starting to put more emphasis on light fixtures and their importance to the look and feel of their home…not just as a light source,” declared Loercher.

Photo courtesy of Homes by Dickerson

Light fixtures will make a statement in any room, becoming more and more decorative even to the point that the fixtures are looked at as art. Sculptural fixtures can be a statement piece in a room’s overall design. Geometrical designs will be popular in 2019 with brushed brass or gold. Industrial chic matte black fixtures with exposed bulbs can dazzle any dining room. Wall-mounted light fixtures will be found, not just in bedrooms, but in living areas as well. Brushed gold kitchen pendants will feature unique shapes. But the new buzzword in lighting is control as it becomes a part of a smart home system. From kitchen pendants to chandeliers to room lighting, from full dimming to some color options, the lights can be controlled remotely through apps supplied by the manufacturer.

But most importantly: The kitchen

No room is more significant than a kitchen.

2019 will see few major changes in this hub of the home. There may be blond cabinets but there will be no handles or knobs on the doors and drawers, no stainless steel appliances, no Shaker cabinet doors. Oak and hickory wood accents are showing up on range hoods and islands. Countertops are trending darker with quartz. Subway tile will fade as backsplash tiles become bolder with patterned tiles leading the charge.  These patterned tiles are also showing up on laundry room floors and as large accent panels on shower walls.

Photo courtesy of Homes by Dickerson

Kitchen appliances like drawer microwaves, dishwashers, wine refrigerators, even stoves will be integrated into kitchen islands where their usage is actually more convenient and the kitchen counters will then be less crowded. Brass will reappear in fixtures as well as in faucets and trim work as stainless steel and polished nickel fade away. At design shows brushed brass was the stand-out metal for handles, small appliances, even wall sockets.

And some predict matte black will be the new “it” color found in black stainless steel, wood trim, lighting fixtures, and even faucets.

In bathrooms, mosaics will become popular for floor tiles as will other small squares in patterns. Cousin to the farmhouse sink, the bucket or trough sink will bring the rustic look to powder rooms, as will floor tiles made to resemble wood. As in the kitchens, brass and matte black hardware will be popular. Can’t decide which to use? Don’t worry. Mixed metals are acceptable too.

Technology abounds

Even the Jetsons would be amazed by the technology available to homeowners in 2019. Smart homes have become the stars of residential construction. Smart appliances, lighting, music, air conditioning can be turned off or on. Doors can be locked or unlocked while you are watching who rang the doorbell. Washers and dryers can text when they are finished. Shades can be lowered or raised remotely. Now with Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa added to the smart home technology, voice activated commands include all of the above plus unimaginable answers to questions and commands.

Builders have already been exposed to these tech-savvy home buyers and know they have to keep up to date with what’s on the market for 2019. “Eastwood Homes has partnered with CPI to offer a Smart Home package to its home buyers for three years at no cost,” said Atkins. “With the home prewired for four lights, thermostat and a door lock with camera, CPI provides a touch pad and app as well as a voice activated device. The home owner would be able to add other features such as home security cameras, garage door lift, outdoor lighting, or smart appliances at his own cost.” Today’s market is full of products that provide a wide array of technological possibilities for the home. 2019 will be sure to come up with even more capabilities of technological interconnections.

Beware of home design trends

Trendy home designs can actually have two kinds of results. They are wonderful trends in a new home and great updates to an older home. If you see a design element you want to add to your home, be sure you love it and can live with it. Use a new paint color sparingly lest it overpowers your home. Be careful that the flooring style will look as good in a large area as it does in a small sample. At their peak these elements will increase home values. However, when their popularity drops, they will lower the value of the house.

Choose wisely when you incorporate these new trends in your home. A home design trend has its shelf life just like anything else. Some last longer than others. There’s no way to know the “Sell By” date!

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