Holiday photo offers rare glimpse of Michael Jackson's children

Posted December 27, 2017 7:44 a.m. EST

— Fans are excited about seeing Michael Jackson's three children together for Christmas.

Daughter Paris Jackson, 19, posted a photo on Instagram of her along with brothers Prince Michael Jackson, 20 and Blanket, 15, who now goes by "Bigi," along with longtime family friend Omer Bhatti.

"Happy Christmas from ours to yours #brahdas," the caption on the photo reads.

It shows, from left, Bigi, Bhatti, Paris and Prince Michael, standing in what looks like a hotel corridor.

The youngest Jackson was 7 when his famous father died in 2009 from an overdose of propofol. Blanket/Bigi has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since, although in 2013 he appeared in a family-produced documentary where he remembered his father's sometimes tumultuous life.

"It's not right to invade someone's privacy like that," the youngster said of the intense media scrutiny that often followed Michael Jackson.

In November, Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson tweeted a video message to his young grandson, urging him to "stay healthy."

Fans took to social media this week to express their pleasure at spotting Bigi.

His big brother and sister have been much more in the public eye over the years.

Paris Jackson, who acts and models, is a prodigious Twitter user. And in March Prince Michael, who has his own production company, talked to "Good Morning America" about his desire to continue his late father's philanthropy.